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Tetcott is part of the Ruby Country Benefice a group of seven neighbouring churches.

P1220260 tower wilderness.jpg

Photo Jeremy Chadburn.Tower roof view of The Wilderness


A monthly service is normally held on the first Sunday of each month at 6.00pm.  It is a relatively informal Service lasting about 45 minutes, with hymns, readings, prayers and a short sermon.



Sunday 2nd April, 5.30pm tea and biscuits followed by Palm Sunday service 6.00pm Tetcott Church

Saturday 8th April, Easter Egg Hunt

Wednesday 19th April, PCC AGM 7.00pm Tetcott Church

Sunday 7th May, 2.00pm walk and cream tea, followed by service  6.00 pm  Luffincott Church

Sunday 4th June, 5.30pm tea and biscuits followed by service 6.00pm Tetcott Church

Saturday 15th July, Church maintenance day 10.00am

INTERIM VICAR  (part-time)

Revd. Stephen Skinner


Please contact one of below numbers for access details


Church Warden                                       Nicky Mitchell               01409 271381

Parochial Church Council Treasurer    William Hutton              01409 271147

Parochial Church Council Secretary    Sharon Wonnacott        07980989262



Holy Cross Church, Tetcott, Holsworthy, Devon,  EX22 6QZ

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